About this site;

Welcome to Ai's website!
Ai has currently been earning her career in the web/IT industry since the summer, 2008. She is originally from a field of graphic design, so you will see not only multimedia related work but also some of her artwork (prints and drawings) here on this website. She is still learning hard in everyday life, so please be so kind to watch her grow.

Getting to know Ai

Born in 1980s, as the 3rd child of a happy couple in Matsudo city, Chiba, Japan.
Grew up with twin elder brothers, became stormy in emotion in Junior High and got her honorable nickname "Boss", and learned how to learn things in High school, and has been exploring life adventurously.

■Nagase Web School ・ IT School <2008/07 - Present>
Webデザイナー総合コースphpパック / Web Designer Course (php plus)
(Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, HTML, XHTML, php, JAVA, Linux, Oracle)
■武蔵野美術大学 / Musashino Art University <2002/04 - 2007/03>
造形学部視覚伝達デザイン学科 / Visual Communication Design Course

【Current Interests】
Drawings, Music, Photography, Glasses, Baking, Web design, Printings, Fishing, Traveling, Programming

2006 新宿ギャラリーKirariにて個展 / 3rd individual show in Gallery Kirari, Shinjuku
2005 銀座ギャラリー瀧川にて個展 / 2nd individual show in Gallery Takigawa, Ginza
2004 銀座ギャラリー瀧川にて個展 / 1st individual show in Gallery Takigawa, Ginza

2008 International Tattoo Convention 2008 am Main
     2nd Prize (Black and Gray)
     1st Prize (Big Tattoo /Female)
2006 仁科展 / NIKA TEN
     入賞 / Prize